Eigooo! Terms of Service

This Agreement (the "Terms and Conditions") is a product and service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") relating to Eigooo! Provided by Eigooo Corporation (the "Company"). Conditions concerning the use of this service are defined between the customer using this service (hereinafter referred to as "customer") and the Company.

1. Definition

In this agreement, the following terms are used. 
1.1. "Contents" means sentences, sounds, music, images, movies, software, programs, codes and other information. 
1.2. "Content" means content that can be accessed through this service. 
1.3. "Contribution content" means content that you post, transmit, upload to this service. 
1.4. "Instructor" means a person who is in contact with the customer during the chat in this service. 
1.5. "Individual Terms of Service" means the documents distributed or posted by the Company in the name of "Terms", "Guidelines", "Policy", etc. in addition to these Terms for this Service.

2. Agree to the terms

2.1. You must use this service in accordance with the terms of this agreement. You can not use this service unless you validly and irrevocably agree to these Terms. 
2.2. If you are a minor, please use this service with the consent of legal representatives such as parental authority. Also, if you use this service for the business operator, please also use this service after agreeing with this agreement. 
2.3. You are deemed to have validly and irrevocably agreed to these Terms by actually using this Service. 
2.4. If there is a separate terms of use in this service, you must use this service in addition to these Terms as well as the terms of the separate Terms of Service.

3. Change of terms

We can change this agreement and individual terms of use at any time without notifying the customer in advance if we deem it necessary. The new terms and conditions after the change and the individual terms and conditions will take effect from the time they are posted in appropriate places within the website operated by the Company, By continuing to use it is deemed to have made effective and irrevocable consent to the changed terms and applicable individual terms of use. Since we are not able to notify you individually of the details of such change, please refer to the latest Terms and applicable individual terms and conditions from time to time when using this service.

4. Free Trial

4.1. You can take free trial chat for the number of times or period specified by the Company as a free trial from the date when registration to this service is completed. 
4.2. Customers are obligated to comply with these Terms of Service even during free trial trials.

5. Registration of this service

5.1. The customer shall apply for registration to this service by means established by the Company. In addition, in registering this service, you have to confirm and agree with the following items. 
5.1.1. Confirm that the communication environment does not hinder the use of this service. 
5.1.2. If you are a minor, you must obtain consent from a legal representative such as a custodian. 
5.1.3. Pay the usage fee of this service according to the settlement method stipulated in the Terms of Service "9. Payment of usage fee / usage fee". 
5.1.4. English instructors Some instructors who offer chat include not only our regular employees, part-time workers but temporary staff. 
5.1.5. The ability to record customer's contribution content and necessary information so as to ensure or maintain consistency of the service. 
5.1.6. In order to provide this service smoothly, there are cases where confirmed posted contents etc during chat. 
5.1.7. Be able to conduct notifications, advertisements, questionnaires, etc on e-mail regarding this service to you. 
5.1.8. To record, record, and store the contents of customer's inquiries, etc. in order to improve the quality of response by customer support etc. 
5.2. Registration of this service shall be completed with notice of acceptance by our company's e-mail. 
5.3. In cases where the customer falls under the reasons specified below, the Company may refuse the registration application, and even if registration has already been completed, the registration can be canceled
5.3.1. When the registrant does not exist. 
5.3.2. False, mistyped or missing entry at registration. 
5.3.3. If the registration has been canceled by us in the past. 
5.3.4. The bank account, credit card or other payment service specified by the customer does not exist or is suspended. 
5.3.5. In case the customer neglects to pay the price in the past. 
5.3.6. In the case where the customer is either a minor, a curated person, or an assistant, and the consent of a guardian, legal guardian, etc. is not obtained at the time of registration. 
5.3.7. Other cases where the Company determines that it is inappropriate as a user of the service. 
5.4. After completing the registration, the customer shall confirm the initial payment of the usage fee specified in the Terms of Use "9. Usage Fees / Payment Method of Usage" on the date of confirmation on our system by the Company (hereinafter referred to as " Day "), we can start using this service. However, this does not apply to the free trial stipulated in "4. Free Trial". 
5.5. The customer must carefully manage the information such as the e-mail address, password, etc. that the customer used to register for the service, such as login or the information necessary for using the service (hereinafter referred to as "password etc."). We can regard the use of this service by the customer himself with the agreement between the password etc. entered at the time of login and the one registered. 
5.6. The customer should not let the third party use the password etc etc. Also, do not transfer, lend, etc. to a third party. 
5.7. If you forget your password etc. or suspect that you are being used illegally by a third party, you must promptly contact the company and obey instructions and so on. In addition, the customer shall be obligated to compensate for all damages, etc. caused by delays in the liaison etc.

6. Account

6.1. When registering information about customers themselves when using this service, you must provide truth, accurate and complete information and must be modified so that it is always the latest information. 
6.2. When registering a password when using this service, you must strictly manage it with your own responsibility so that it will not be illegally used. We can regard any action taken by using the registered password as the act of the customer himself. 
6.3. Customers who have registered for this service can cancel their accounts at any time by deleting their accounts. 
6.4. If we acknowledge that you may violate or violate these Terms, we may suspend or delete your account without notifying you in advance. 
6.5. We can delete accounts that have been at least one year old from the last access without notifying the customer in advance. 
6.6. All use rights in the Customer's Service are extinguished when the account is deleted regardless of the reason. Please be aware that account recovery can not be performed even if you erroneously deleted your account. 
6.7. The account of this service belongs to you personally exclusively. You can not transfer, lend or inherit all the usage rights of the customer's service to a third party. 
6.8. In the event that there is a need to change the registered information of the customer, the customer shall change the registration information without delay by the means specified by the Company. In addition, we will not bear any responsibility for the damage even if the customer suffered damage etc due to delay in the change procedure. 

7. Privacy

7.1. We respect customer's privacy. 
7.2. We will handle customer's privacy information and personal information appropriately according to the privacy policy. 
7.3. In order to safely manage information gathered from customers, we pay maximum attention to security.

8. Provision of services

8.1. In using this service, you must prepare the necessary personal computer, mobile phone, communication equipment, operation system, communication means and electric power etc. at your expense and responsibility. 
8.2. The Company may provide all or part of the Service to customers who have satisfied the age, the presence or absence of the identity of the person, the presence or absence of registration information, other conditions that the Company deems necessary, will do. 
8.3. The Company shall be able to change the contents of all or part of this service at any time without notice to the customer in advance, and cancel the provision, if we deem it necessary. 
8.4. The chat service provided by the Company will be made within the specified time of the rate plan. As long as it is within the time, as long as there is content of your post content, we will not be interrupted in any case, we will provide timely reply. However, if there is no reply from the lecturer during chat, it will be subject to the complaint.

9. Validity period of this service

9.1. Availability period of this service is set to one month (hereinafter referred to as "usage month") starting from the date of the payment date (eg 15th month if the payment date is January 15th) It is assumed to be the number of months for which contract application was made. 
9.2. Availability period shall not be interrupted regardless of reason. However, this is not the case during the holiday period specified in "10. Leave". 
9.3. Availability period can be renewed by paying usage fee. The same payment method shall be carried out by the means specified in "9. Payment method of usage fee / usage fee". 
9.4. The free trial period does not apply to the above, and the use period of the service starts from the date of registration to the service. 

10. Payment method of usage fee á usage fee

10.1. Customer shall pay to us the fee for using this service in one of the following ways. 
10.1.1. PayPal 
If you use this service according to the payment method, the available period shall be the month of use, the same period of use unless you cancel a holiday specified in this Terms of Use "10. Leave" or "Unsubscribe" It shall be automatically renewed at the price. 
b. The usage fee for the second and subsequent times shall be automatically settled on the same day as the first payment date every month. 
What is PayPal: 
Paypal is a payment service that is used all over the world. We provide services that make payment more convenient and more secure for various people, such as shoppers and business people. 
For details, please visit: https://www.paypal.jp/jp/contents/start/about/ 
10.1.2. Bank transfer 
In the case of using paid services according to the payment method, payment of the usage fee for a total of three months is paid in advance. 
b. In case of continuing to use the service, if you do not pay the usage fee equivalent to the next 3 months or the usage fee for the specially decided period and continue the procedure before the expiration date of the available period It will not. If you do not do the procedure etc., it will be treated as a holiday in the "Terms and Conditions" under these Terms of Use. 

11. Break

11.1. Absence means temporarily stopping the use of this service. In addition, holidays will be applied on a monthly basis from the start date of the next usage month. 
11.2. The customer shall perform the procedure of a holiday by means established by the Company. In addition, we will conclude the leave procedure at the time of confirming the customer's leave application and sending by e-mail etc. to the effect that the closing procedure has been completed. 
11.3. Application for absence must be made at least two days before the next month of use starts. If the application is not made within the same period, it will be closed from the next month of usage. 
11.4. If you wish to resume the use of this service after the holiday, the customer shall proceed with the resumption of use by means established by the Company. 
11.5. In the case where the customer pays the usage fee by bank transfer, the following conditions are applied over the holidays. 
11.5.1. If the usage fee for the next month's usage is not paid by the expiration date of the available period, it will be automatically closed. 
11.5.2. When there is more than 1 month 's availability period, you can carry forward the usage fee for unused monthly month as the month of use after resuming use (hereinafter referred to as "carryover"). 
11.5.3. Carrying forward is possible for one month, up to 6 months. 
11.5.4. In the event that there has been no application for resuming the use of this service by the customer before the expiration of the period set forth in the preceding item, regardless of the advance notice by E-mail by the Company, the Company shall invalidate the charge for the carry- You shall be able to do. 

12. Withdrawal

12.1. Withdrawal refers to stopping the use of this service and deleting registration information. The customer shall terminate withdrawal at the end of the month of use and lose membership. 
12.2. The customer shall apply for withdrawal by means determined by the Company. In addition, when we confirm the withdrawal application, we will complete the withdrawal procedure at the time of sending by e-mail etc. to the effect that the procedure has been completed. 
12.3. Application for withdrawal must be made no later than 2 days before the next month of usage begins. If the application is not made within the same period, it will be withdrawn from the next month of use. 
12.4. Your registration information shall be deleted within the period specified by the Company after withdrawal unless there is a special offer from the customer. 
12.5. In the case of termination of membership, the customer shall lose all rights of the service at the time of losing the membership qualification and can not make any claim to the Company. 
12.6. In the event of damage to our company or third party due to our own conduct etc., the customer shall assume all legal responsibility even after losing the membership qualification, and in any case Shall be excluded. 

13. Content

13.1. We will grant you the right to use this service for non-exclusive use of this service, without transferring or re-granting to the customer about the contents provided by the Company. 
13.2. The customer shall comply with such terms of use when using this content separately provided for usage conditions such as usage fee and period of use. Even if "Purchase", "Sale", etc. are displayed on the screen of this service, the intellectual property rights and other rights related to the contents that the Company provides to customers are not transferred to the customer, To you, only the above usage rights are granted. 
13.3. The customer shall not use (reproduce, transmit, reprint, modify, etc.) the contents beyond the usage form scheduled by this service. 
13.4. You are responsible for your own backup of contributed content. We are not obliged to back up posted contents. 
13.5. Customers retain the rights they hold for posted content as usual and we will not acquire such rights. 
13.6. If we acknowledge that you are in violation of the laws or regulations or this agreement, or if there is a risk of violating the terms and conditions of the submitted content, we will delete the contributed content without notifying the customer in advance if there is any other business need You can restrict the use of posted content in this service by way of doing. 

14. Prohibited matter

In using this service, you must not do the following: 
14.1. Meeting with instructors or suggesting to meet with instructors, or requesting instructorsÕ contact information.
14.2. Acts that violate laws, court rulings, decisions or orders, or regulatory binding administrative measures. 
14.3. Acts that may harm public order or good manners. 
14.4. Acts that infringes on intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, etc. of the Company or third parties, honor rights, privacy rights, other laws or contractual rights. 
14.5. Expression that attracts or encourages suicide, self-injury, substance abuse, expression that leads to discrimination by overly violent expression, blatant sexual expression, race, nationality, creed, gender, social status, , Other acts of posting or sending expressions including antisocial content and giving discomfort to others. 
14.6. Act acting to impersonate us or a third party or to disseminate false information deliberately. 
14.7. The act of exchanging the right to use this content with cash, property or other economic interests in a way other than the method specified by the Company. 
14.8. Act for the purpose of sales, advertisement, solicitation, other commercial interests (excluding those approved by the Company), acts aimed at sexual acts or obscene acts, encounters and socializing with lecturers Actions, harassing or illegal acts against lecturers, acts aimed at slander, other acts that use this service for purposes different from the intended use planned by this service, or acts that imply the acts in this section 14.1 to 14.7. 
14.9. Grant of benefit to antisocial forces and other cooperative acts. 
14.10 Religious activities or solicitation to religious organizations. 
14.11. The act of illegally collecting, disclosing or providing other person's personal information, registration information, use history information etc. 
14.12. Acts that interfere with servers and network systems of this service, acts of manipulating services illegally using BOT, cheat tools, and other technical means, acts of intentionally using faults of this service, as well Repeatedly asking questions beyond necessity, conducting unfair inquiries or requests to the Company, other acts that interfere with the operation of the Service by the Company or use of the Service by other customers and interferes with these. 
14.13. Acts that aid or encourage acts falling under any of the above 14.1. To 14.11. 
14.14. Other actions that we deemed inappropriate. 

15. Customer's responsibility

15.1. The customer shall use this service at the customer's own risk and will assume all responsibility for all acts done in this service and the result thereof. 
15.2. We will take measures to be deemed necessary and appropriate by the Company when we acknowledge that you are using this service in violation of these Terms. However, we are not obligated to prevent or correct such violation. 
15.3. The customer may not be responsible for any damage (directly or indirectly) due to the use of this service (including cases where we received complaints caused by such use from a third party) Including the burden of attorneys' fees), we must compensate for this immediately in accordance with our request. 
15.4. All remarks that the instructor makes in chat or Eigooo! Service are made solely for the purpose of improving the English skill of the customer, and the Company is responsible for any actions and results of the customer based on the remarks We do not owe. 

16. Our Disclaimer

16.1. The Company shall inform the Service (including this Content) about any facts or legal defects (safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, conformity to specific purposes, security, etc. We do not explicitly or implicitly guarantee that there is no such defect, error or bug, infringement of right etc.). We are not obligated to provide you with this service by eliminating such defects.

16.2. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you due to this service. Provided, however, that this disclaimer does not apply if the contract between the Company and the customer concerning this service (including this Agreement) becomes a consumer contract prescribed in the Consumer Contract Law. 
16.3. Even in the cases prescribed in the above 16.2. Proviso, the Company shall not be liable for damages arising out of special circumstances among damages caused to the customer due to default or illegal acts due to our negligence (excluding gross negligence) We do not assume any responsibility for the fact that we or the customer may foresee or predict the occurrence of damage). In addition, the compensation for damages caused to the customer due to default or illegal action by the Company's negligence (excluding gross negligence) is limited to the amount of usage fee received from the customer in the month of the occurrence of the damage.

17. Contact method

17.1. We will notify you of this service from the customer by posting it on the appropriate place in the website operated by the Company, and other methods that we deem appropriate. 
17.2. Customers concerning this service will be contacted by the method specified by the Company within the website operated by the Company.

17. Governing Law, Jurisdiction

This agreement will be Japanese and the law shall be Japanese law. For disputes arising between you and us arising out of or in connection with this Service, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the first examiner 's exclusive jurisdictional court.

Last revised 9th October, 2018