Jasmine's Introduction

Hello, I am Jasmine Kaur from India. I live in a city named Hyderabad also known as the “City of Nawabs” (Mughal rulers). It is famous for pearls and rich food! Both of which I love!

Talking about hobbies, I love reading first and foremost. Give me a telephone directory and I will read it! I remember the first fantasy adventure book that my father had given me. It was “The enchanted woods” by Enid Blyton. It was my world. While other girls carried their dolls and teddy bears wherever they went, I carried my ‘Enchanted woods’. I have been an avid reader since then.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. One, who never read, lived only once.”

I also like travelling when possible. I enjoy the forest and mountains the most. A day exploring the forests on a mountain would be a perfect day of my life. I also enjoy cooking sometimes. I like making middle-eastern dishes and creating my own recipes.

When time permits, I watch movies. Science fiction and adventure movies are my first choice. Basically it is new stories that appeal to me. Be it in the form of books or movies or someone telling it to me!

Dreams! Every face lights up when we say this word . Dreams, hopes, aspirations all are such bright words! And the wonderful thing about them is that you can have unlimited dreams and they keep changing from time to time. My dreams too have changed from time to time. I have aspired to be a dancer, a doctor and then a scientist, finally realising that my love for literature was the greatest. I wish to publish my poetry in the future.

Isn’t it amazing that the English language has only 26 letters with which we convey thousands of emotions and feelings. We use punctuation to convey the tone in which we mean different phrases and emphasize words and ideas to convey feelings that can be mistaken if not read correctly. With just 26 letters, you can move someone to tears or have them laughing their hearts out! More so, it has become the way to interact with almost anyone, anywhere in the world.

That is why, when I was selected by Eigooo it was like a dream come true! I get to talk to people from all over the world! Share knowledge, culture and so much more. The physical aspects too are a plus. I can do it from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether that’s from the comfort of my own home, the local library, or when I am travelling. It also is very fulfilling as I can share my viewpoints and also gain a lot of knowledge. Each user brings his/her own personality, story and experiences. Talking to each one is like reading a book, a human book if I may say so.

I hope I keep learning from Eigooo users and helping them out to get better at their goal of English learning for as long as possible.