Sam's Introduction

The cadence of poetry is what began my fascination with words, in particular, the English language. Daffodils, a poem by William Wordsworth, captured the writer's elation so succinctly that it challenged me to delve further into the medium. It was during my middle school years that I started taking notice of the literature freely available to me. At first, I was mainly drawn to interesting plots and poetry that strayed from the norm. Grammar was never a concern because I was already fluent and had a natural mastery of the language. Even in cases where I could not define the rules of the language, I was able to differentiate between right and wrong. Since I was still learning the ropes, I tried to acquire the skill of poetry by memorizing the works of writers I came across. Years later when I started keeping a diary for a project, I started to jot down lyrics and eventually poetry, which was solely in my own style. Writing has become a way for me to express myself, so much so that conversation has taken a backseat. I find the medium of writing more convincing than speech.

In a similar vein, my love for nature has instilled in me the desire to capture images that captivate my interest. Photography is a tool which can be used to express an idea or a thought where even words might fail. And where there are words and images, there is usually sound, which is another art that has grown on me. Music transcends even words and visuals, bringing us face to face with our innermost thoughts and emotions. A beautiful song is like a painting that only gets better with every rendition. As I dabbled in these mediums and grew more aware of my voice, I understood that the path to self-realization begins with a journey inward. The blue mountains of the Nilgiris in South India was where I spent the first half of my life. Situated on the top of a hill, the school where I studied gave a curious mind like mine ample room to explore and nourish itself. I remember fondly the long walks I used to take just to amuse my adventurous spirit. Growing up in a family of only boys, there was never a dull moment to get bored.

Switch to 2001, when I arrived in the city of Bangalore. I had finished my schooling and had more serious decisions ahead of me like finding a vocation I liked. There were opportunities everywhere I looked, but finding a place for myself wasn't easy. Now, after living and working in the city for 15 years, I know some areas like the back of my hand, but I still feel like a visitor.

Over the years, I have held different jobs which appealed to my interests, but words have retained my central goal. Eigooo is effective because it provides a platform for beginners to improve their grasp of the English language. As a teacher, I have a responsibility to instill confidence in our users and inspire them to improve. At the end of the day, language is all about communication. Communication draws us closer despite our geographical, cultural and lifestyle differences. As the threads connecting us grow stronger, it's these common pursuits that will help us draw closer to who we really are.