Karen's Introduction

I love my job as an Eigooo teacher! I get to connect and share with so many wonderful, interesting people from all over the world! Witnessing our users grow in confidence and fluency in English is such a privilege and source of satisfaction for me.

Cape Town is my home, and I am pretty sure it’s where I’ll die one day! I love this city for its natural beauty, charming diversity and friendly vibe. Having said that, I really do want to travel more, not just to see the world, but to ‘feel’ it; I want to experience the unique smells, sounds, tastes and ‘pulses’ of the places I visit. Connecting with students from far and wide has certainly fuelled this desire to travel.

My love of the English language became evident from an early age. In contrast to the majority of my classmates, I loved literature, writing essays, reading, and performing in dramatic productions at school. I recall tutoring many of my friends and peers in preparation for English grammar and literature exams. It dawned on me way back then, that language and teaching were definitely two career paths worth considering.

I opted for a degree in Language and Literature at university, with Linguistics and Industrial Psychology as sub-majors. Coincidentally, my first job was as a recruitment consultant, and it was during my time in this profession that I learnt the value of truly listening to people and in doing so, making a difference in their lives. I’d interview applicants who were terribly unhappy in their jobs and became steadfast in my mission to help them make positive career choices.

For the past ten years or so, I have been a freelance editor. I have edited books, scripts, academic papers and magazine articles. Although I still love this work, I realized a while back that it lacked one vital element: people! Along came the opportunity to teach with Eigooo and I have embraced it with open arms. In addition to my teaching and editing work, I am also the mother of two teenage boys (three if you count my husband!), an aspiring poet and serious coffee lover!

There is always music playing in my home, and even when I don’t know the lyrics and struggle to sing in tune, I sing along anyway! Music nourishes my soul! Drama is probably my favourite movie genre, although an intelligently-written comedy is equally appealing. I enjoy reading, cooking and the odd bit of baking too, although little can compare with the pleasure of time spent chatting with my best friend over a cup of coffee!

My motto in life is simple: You are better than nobody, but nobody is better than you! For me, it’s a reminder to always believe in myself and stand tall, yet remain humble and kind-hearted.

As an Eigooo teacher, it is my aim to create a space where each student feels comfortable enough to make mistakes, for it is only through mistakes that we learn! Advanced students can brush up on the intricacies of the language and beginners can learn to formulate basic phrases and sentences in a safe, fun space. Come and say hello! Let’s Eigooo!