Ian's Introduction

My name is Ian and I’m an Eigooo teacher from New York, USA. These days I live in Seoul, South Korea where I work as an English teacher. I’ve lived here for about 9 years and have been teaching English most of this time. I quite enjoy it here as it allows me to do something that is of great benefit to others and will hopefully improve their lives as they get older.

These days English is such an important language for so many people as it is used as the main business language in the world. It can also help you travel to another country and be able to interact with the locals. Many people find it to be difficult to learn English but with hard work and determination you should be able to progress quickly.

After studying Economics at university and working in the finance industry for a couple of years I decided that that line of work was too stressful but maybe it was because I was young at the time. Maybe in the future I will get back into it but for now I’m happy with where I am and what I am doing.

I really like watching TV shows and movies, cooking delicious meals, watching sports like soccer and rugby, relaxing at home and exercising but feel free to chat to me about anything. Along with learning English I think that exercising is one of the most important things in our lives as it keeps our bodies in good shape and it opens up new opportunities for us, things that we might not normally try, such as rock climbing for instance.

I also really enjoy playing PC games from time to time. At the moment I usually play Civilization 5 which is a 4x (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) game in which you build a civilization and compete against other civilizations which can be controlled by either the AI or other players. The game is very intricate and their is a lot to manage in order to do well at it. Because of these intricacies one game of civilization can take as long as 200 hours to complete although a typical game is much shorter. I also occasionally play Football Manager.

When I get a bit of free time and hang out with my friends it’s common for us to go out to restaurants and bars to relieve the stress of working all week. Most of my favorite foods to eat are meats such as beef, chicken, seafood and pork although I also make sure to eat plenty of vegetables in order to keep myself healthy.

I hope to chat to you online soon.