Diane's Introduction

Hi, my name's Diane. I'm from India, from one of the hot tourist spots of the country which is the beautiful state of Kerala. I'm a work from home mother. When I'm not working, I'm a full time mom to my 3 year old. I am happy to balance both my roles as a teacher on Eigooo and as a mother too. Eigooo has allowed me to fuel my passion for the English language, while letting me handle my priorities well English has always been a passion right since my school days. Needless to say, I am an avid reader of fictional works in English.

Professionally, I am an Electronics and Communications engineer. But I realized that my passion lies in teaching. So, I am also pursuing a degree in Education which will allow me to teach in schools. I have so much fun teaching on Eigooo. It feels great to interact with so many interesting people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and even across a variety of age groups. I feel that I can learn more from my students than what I teach them. I think I can connect well with my students and I believe that’s an important part of the teaching-learning process.

I have a variety of hobbies of which I have already mentioned reading. Besides that, I like to watch movies, especially those of the romantic and comedy genre. I also enjoy watching fantasy movies and animated movies with my little one. I watch them in English and other Indian regional languages. I also love TV dramas, especially medical drama and comedy. I am a fan of Dr.House, the sarcastic and extremely intelligent physician on the American TV series House. Another hobby is crafting, especially using recycled objects. My most recent creation is a bag using hubby dear’s old jeans. I have a keen interest in photography even though I am just an amateur. Traveling is another hobby that I cherish. And it gives me the canvas that I need to create wonderful photographs. I have travelled quite a bit within India. It is my dream to travel to Greece and visit the city of Santorini. I fell in love with the place ever since I saw it in a movie

I love to interact with people and Eigooo allows me to do just that. I learn so much about different countries and their cultures and also about its people and their day to day life. This has also inspired me to travel more, thus igniting an interest for world travel. English is a very interesting language. Since it is a universal language, it is necessary to understand its usage, be it for business purposes or even just daily usage. It is fun to work with people of all age groups to help them achieve better proficiency in the language. It also gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Chatting on Eigooo is fun. So let’s Eigooo.