Clare's Introduction

Hi there, my name is Clare. I am an English teacher living in incredible South Africa. I was born and raised here. Despite having hopped around a bit, having lived in quite a few different cities in my childhood, I have always considered Cape Town my home. I have traveled to a fair number of countries, but Cape Town still astounds me every day, and I love it here! There are so many special things about Cape Town, but I find the beaches and mountains astounding, and try to hike and spend time in the sea as much as I can. The Cape is also famous for our friendly people, amazing food and award-winning wine. All in all, not a bad place to be!

I pursued my tertiary education at the University of Cape Town. I have been to many beautiful campuses across the globe, but the UCT campus could rival any of them, and it will always have a special place in my heart. I met amazing people and had some of the best years of my life there. I studied Environmental Sciences so I have a huge passion for the planet. Unfortunately, we are going through a very serious drought in South Africa at the moment, so I volunteer for many water saving projects as well as recycling drives.

Another huge love of mine is traveling. Bitten by the travel bug at a very early age I was incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to see many countries including Spain, England and Dubai with my family. After graduating from University I packed my bags and jetted off to the amazing Thailand where I spent a year as a Primary School teacher. I spent every free moment on the beach or exploring every bit of the country as I could. I still miss Thai food so much and try to cook it at home as much as I can! Despite having done not one, but two cooking courses, I can never get my Pad Thai just right I also had the chance to teach in Myanmar for a few months. Although short, it was a jam-packed, unbelievable experience that I will never forget. However, Japan is probably my favorite country for the moment. I went in winter and have never experienced cold quite like it, having spent my life in the relatively warm South Africa. The food, people and experiences were exceptional.

I love to be involved in amazing causes and I have recently started a position as a Social Responsibility Manager. I hope that in some way I can make a difference to some really admirable and necessary initiatives in Cape Town. This special city needs people to look after our environment, animals and children, and I am so excited to be part of the change. I am also planning new adventures to new countries, like Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Tanzania, excited to meet to people and make global friends for life.